Mysterious Videotape

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Event period:2023/3/10 12:00 (EST) - 2023/03/28 23:59 (EST)

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Thank you for sharing the Cursed Tape
Sadako joins Dead by Daylight Mobile on 3/15
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Event period:2023/3/10 12:00 (EST) - 2023/03/28 23:59 (EST)

1. Rules for earning rewards: Please log in first to participate in the event. You can obtain 1 entry by sharing the Cursed Tape. Up to 5 entries per player are permitted per day. The entry limit will reset each day at 00:00 (UTC+8) until the end of the event.

2. Rules for Cursed Tape Sharing: If the sender's link is clicked by the recipient, then the amount of "Cursed People" will increase by one. Players can accumulate unlimited "Cursed People" from different IDs per day.

3. Rules for helping others view the Cursed Tape: Players can help an unlimited number of users by clicking the Cursed Tape link sent from other users. A videotape sent from one user can only be viewed once per day and resets every day at 00:00 (UTC+8) until the end of the event. After the limit resets, players will have to generate a new link from the Cursed Tape website to accumulate their daily 5 entries.

4. The final interpretation right of the event and all liabilities remain with NetEase Games.

5. This sweepstake is organized by NetEase and is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Behaviour Interactive Inc.

1. Open the game, and click on the user avatar in the top right corner.

2. The number on the right of the avatar is Player ID. Click the button on the right of the ID to copy it directly. If copied successfully, it will prompt “Personal ID copied”.


1. Open the game, click the OPTIONS icon on the lower left corner of the home screen and enter the OPTIONS screen.

2. On the first page of OPTIONS -- [SETTINGS]*, you can find [Redeem Bundle Code].
(*The number of contents displayed differs due to different mobile models. Please scroll down if you can not find the corresponding button.)

3. Click the [Bundle Code] on the right of Redeem Bundle Code, enter bundle code and click [Redeem].
After successful redemption, the corresponding rewards will be sent to your account by in-game mail*.
*There may be a delay in sending in-game mail, please be patient.


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Please use your redeem code after Mar. 15th at 22:00(ET).
Redeem Codes are valid until March 29th 11:59 (ET)

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