Dead by Daylight Mobile is Now Open for Pre-registration!

Dead by Daylight Mobile is Now Open for Pre-registration!
DEAD BY DAYLIGHT, the world-famous 4vs1 asymmetrical survival horror game, is coming to mobile for free! Join the fog, pre-register now!
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Dead by Daylight Mobile servers will be down for maintenance starting at 2023 October 26, 2:00 AM (ET). This is expected to last about 3 hours and will also force players in the Trials to log off. You are therefore advised to log off earlier to avoid data loss. Users of older versions will not be able to log into the game after the update and must download the latest version from the app store. New content will be available after this update. We hope to see you soon in The Fog.

Server-down maintenance compensation: Sinister Stone x3, Bloodpoint x50,000

1. New Character release:
※ New Characters: The Blight (Killer) and Felix (Survivor)
※ Cost: 500 Auric Cells (cost will increase by an additional 9000 Iridescent Shards after maintenance on Nov. 9)
※ Details on Character perks and their background stories can be viewed in-game after the update.

2. New Map
※ New Maps now available: Dead Dawg Saloon, New Lampkin Lane, and Mount Ormond Resort.
※ After the update, Ranked Trial and Quick Trial players may find themselves in this new Map. Players can also choose this Map for custom games.

3. Added the General Outfit and Charm systems
※ General Outfits are exclusive to Survivors, and there are both male and female Outfits. All Characters (except for collab Characters) can wear a General Outfit.
※ General Outfits only include Torso and Legs pieces, and do not include Head pieces. General Outfit pieces can be worn together with pieces of other Outfits.
※ Added Charms, Survivors can wear them around the waist while Killers can hang them from the hooks. Both Survivors and Killers can display up to 3 Charms at a time (Relics and Charms cannot be displayed together, but players can display a charm while still utilizing a relic's effects).

4.Mischief Night Stomp-athon
※ Event Period: October 26, 3:00 AM to November 23, 3:00 AM (ET)
※ During the event, find and stomp pumpkins while playing Quick or Ranked Trials to earn Bloodpoints. The more pumpkins you stomp, the more Bloodpoints you get.
※ Both Killers and Survivors have a chance to become affected by [Haste], [Hindrance], or nothing at all after they stomp a pumpkin.
※ Join a squad to double your pumpkin stomping count and blitz through the event tasks.

5. Tutorial has been added
※ Use the Tutorial to gain a better understanding of the various elements of each trial and familiarize yourself with the gameplay.

6. Other New Content
※Added Survivor wriggling controls mode. You can go to the Settings screen and switch to the new mode. The development team will observe how this new mode is used and decide if everyone will switch to this new mode.
※ Added the Recommended Perk feature. Every Character will have a list of Perk combinations ranked by usage, which you can reference when creating your own builds.
※Added sound effects for continuous use of the Flashlight and successful blinding of the Killer. The sounds are audible to both the Survivors and the Killer.
※Added Perk and status visual cues during the Trial. You can long press the Perk or status icons to get more details and learn more about their effects.
※Added the dynamic download feature. A number of Outfits can be selectively downloaded to reduce app storage requirement.
※ Dynamic Emotes have been added.
※ Map layouts are now displayed in custom lobbies.
※Added [Similar Rank] as a recommendation option for Team Invites
※Added Character role summaries and trials. Starters who just entered The Fog can use this feature to quickly understand the game.
※Added friend options in Settings to reject friend requests and team invites from players who are not your friends.
※Added Map layout previews for the map options in Custom Trial lobbies to give more details on the Map.
※Added special Terror Radius and Chase music for The Oni.
※Added exclusive music for The Hag, including Main UI idle music, Terror Radius music, and Chase Music.
※Added voice lines for The Cenobite. The Cenobite now has special lines for various situations during the Trial.
※Updated the background music for The Clown's Terror Radius and when chasing.
※Updated The Spirit's base terror radius and chase music.
※Added 2 anti-aliasing options under System settings.

1. Chat System Optimizations
※ Added the Party Chat channel to let party members chat with each other.
※ You can now use Chat settings to switch off red dot tips for new messages at squad or friends chat channels.
※ Added the Friends chat portal so that you can quickly view chat messages from your friends.
※Added Friend nickname feature. You can now assign nicknames to your friends.
※Added chat options in Settings. You can now hide post-match chat and choose not to receive any post-match chat messages.
※Added the quick chat feature for some chat channels. You can now send a number of fixed messages more easily.

2. Bloodmarket optimizations
※ Added the [Quick Purchase] feature. Use it to buy every item shown on the screen to make shopping a breeze.
※ Removed the Super Mystery Box. It will no longer appear in the store.
※ Outfits that used to be acquired via the Super Mystery Box are now redeemable with Haunted Coins.
※ The Bloodmarket shall randomly offer Haunted Coins that can be purchased with Bloodpoints.
※ Added the Entity Exchange page where you can redeem exclusive Outfits with Haunted Coins.
※ Every session shall offer 9 Outfit pieces for sale. Redeemable items shall be refreshed every 4 weeks.

※ Graphics rendering has been optimized. Please be patient when downloading the pack for the first time. A little more time is needed to optimize and minimize lag issues that may be encountered during the game.
※Optimized the matchmaking wait process. You can now perform other actions while matchmaking instead of just waiting around at the matchmaking screen.
※Optimized the Party feature. Inviting other People of The Fog to join your party will be easier and more intuitive.
※ Optimized the controls for the Killer's "turning attack" and fixed the issue where players may not be able to control the direction of their attacks.
※Adjusted rules for unlocking Perk slots. They will no longer be unlocked as Characters level-up. Instead, you can directly equip up to the max of 4 Perks at Character Level 1.
※Optimized the aesthetics of the loading screen. You can now see various Characters and their special Outfits in the loading screen.
※Optimized the layouts of the main UI and event UI to improve their aesthetics.
※Adjusted the team UI logic. Team UI now displays Character models of your team mates.
※Status icon optimizations in the Trials
※Optimized Perk filters and UI display to make Perk categories more intuitive.
※Squad System Overhaul
(1)Squad membership limit: Raised to 50.
(2)Squad Benefits: Playing Ranked or Quick trials in a party with fellow squad members gives you these tally bonuses: +10% Bloodpoints, +10% Character experience, and +10% Account experience.
(3)Squad tasks: Complete squad tasks every day to earn Squad Coins that can be used to buy awesome rewards at the Squad Shop. This will also earn Activity for your squad.
(4)Squad leaderboards: Squads will be ranked according to their total Activity in server-wide weekly and seasonal leaderboards. The top squads will receive rare Portrait Frames as rewards.
※ Daily Rituals shall be fixed at two. Complete 1 Trial with both factions to complete the daily task.
※ Tasks requiring you to play as specified Characters have been removed from the Weekly Rituals to help you complete them more easily.
※Optimized a player's personal trial records page. Added the Party tag to indicate that the player partied up with others for a particular trial.
※Optimized art rendering performance in trial scenes for added realism of the effects.
※Adjustments to the Personal Data UI
(1) Changed the UI layout. The Main UI will display additional Trial-related information.
(2) All Portrait Frames that have been released will be displayed at the Portrait Frame UI.
(3) Scoring data from the Past Records will be displayed to ensure consistency with post-Trial tallying.
※Optimized the Map selection rules for custom lobbies. Added indoor and outdoor tags so that players can quickly filter their options.
※Optimized camera angle rules for Killer executions. The angle will be based on the Killer's facing.
※Optimized Survivor interaction emotes during the trial.
※Optimized the Haunted Coin display logic. This currency will only be displayed when you open the Bloodmarket.
※Optimized the walk icon for Survivors during trials. Instead of walking with backs bent, they now walk upright.
※Optimized Map selection for Custom Trials. You can now view detailed Map descriptions when selecting Maps.
※Optimized friend recommendation. More friend recommendation tags have been added to help you better identify potential friends.
※Optimized Friend and Chat UIs so that you can see the speaker's rank info from the Chat UI directly.

4. The Entity's Treasure Updates
※ After this update, Platinum Outfits for Killers will no longer have special Mori executions animations.

1. Attack on Titan Crossover Series Events
(1) The Entity's Treasure Updates
※ Event Time: 2023 October 26, 5:00 AM to 2023 November 9, 4:59 AM (ET)
※ During the event, stand a chance to get these Outfits from The Entity's Treasure: The Trapper's Platinum, Gold and Silver Outfits [Attack on Titan]; Yui Kimura's Gold Outfit [Mikasa: Thunder Spear]; and Jake Park's Gold Outfit [Levi: Purge Version].
※ The Entity's Treasure guarantees: at least 1 Silver Outfit every 50 draws, at least 1 Gold Outfit every 200 draws, another Gold Outfit every 400 draws, and the last unacquired Gold Outfit at 600 draws.
※ Each draw costs 100 Auric Cells. A single Draw x10 costs 900 Auric Cells.

(2) Bloody Spin
※ Event Time: 2023 October 26, 5:00 AM to 2023 November 9, 4:59 AM (ET)
※ Event rewards are split between the main pool and the side pool. For every 200 Auric Cells spent, you will make 1 draw at the side pool to get 1 random reward which is then temporarily removed from the side pool.
※ If you receive the [Scout Regiment Emblem], you'll get 1 random reward from the main pool. The next round of gacha draws will then begin.
※ Primary rewards of the event include: General Outfits for female Characters [Heart of Freedom] and [Queen's Ball]; General Outfits for male Characters [Queen's Ball]; and general Charms for both factions [Cart Titan] and [Female Titan].

(3) Outfit Shop Limited Offerings
※ Event Time: 2023 October 26, 5:00 AM to 2023 November 9, 4:59 AM (ET)
※ These Crossover Collection Outfits will be available for limited time: Dwight's [Eren's Uniform], Yui Kimura's [Mikasa's Uniform], Felix's [Armin's Uniform], Meg's [Annie's Uniform], Zarina's [Hange's Uniform], Jake's [Levi's Uniform], Kate's [Historia's Uniform], Ace's [Kenny's Uniform], The Oni's [Armored Titan], and The Spirit's [War Hammer Titan].
※ Cost: 1080 Auric Cells per Survivor Outfit; 1350 Auric Cells per Killer Outfit.

(4) Titanic Charms! Event
※ Event Time: 2023 October 26, 5:00 AM to 2023 November 9, 4:59 AM (ET)
※ During the event, log into the game and purchase Attack on Titan collection Outfits from the Outfit Shop to get up to 5 brand new Charms.
※ Cadet Corps Charm: Log into the game during the event.
※ Scout Regiment Charm: Buy any 3 Outfits from the Attack on Titan collection.
※ Military Police Regiment Charm: Buy any 2 Outfits from the Attack on Titan collection.
※ Garrison Regiment Charm: Buy any Survivor Outfit from the Attack on Titan collection.
※ Wall Titan Charm: Buy any 2 Killer Outfits from the Attack on Titan collection.

(5) Attack on Titan Exclusive Top-up Benefits
※ Event Time: 2023 October 26, 5:00 AM to 2023 November 9, 4:59 AM (ET)
※ During the event, top-up enough Auric Cells to earn rewards.
※ Rewards include: All-new item [Pure Titan Backpack], general Charms [Colossal Titan] and [Beast Titan], and general torso Outfit pieces [Scout Regiment] and [Garrison Regiment].

(6) Attack on Titan Redeem Shop
※ Event Time: 2023 October 26, 5:00 AM to 2023 November 9, 4:59 AM (ET)
※ The 2nd page of the redeem shop will become available on November 2, 00:00 AM (UTC+8).
※ Take part in other events to get [Basement Keys] that are exchangeable for these Attack on Titan exclusive rewards at the redeem shop: General Charm [Jaw Titan]; Portrait Frame [Eternal Love]; and Portraits [Yui Kimura & Mikasa] and [The Spirit & War Hammer Titan].

(7) Feed Sasha Event
※ Event Time: 2023 October 26, 5:00 AM to 2023 November 9, 4:59 AM (ET)
※ Complete the specified Tasks and help share the event to get [Steamed Potatoes] that can be spent to move across the squares.
※ Move across the squares to earn rewards.
※ Rewards include, but are not limited to, these Attack on Titan exclusives: Portrait Frame [Foodie Girl], General Outfit [Military Police Regiment], and Portrait [Dwight & Eren].

(8) Regiment Victory Challenge
※ Event Time: 2023 October 26, 5:00 AM to 2023 November 9, 4:59 AM (ET)
※ During the event, take part in Quick/Ranked Trials and earn 8000 points in a single Trial to acquire Trial rewards.
※ Pay to unlock the special reward and acquire bonus rewards such as the Attack on Titan exclusive Portrait Frame [Happy-Go-Lucky].

(9) Attack on Titan Sign-in Event
※ Event Time: 2023 October 26, 5:00 AM to 2023 November 9, 4:59 AM (ET)
※ Log into the game and sign-in every day to get bonus rewards such as the Attack on Titan exclusive Portrait [Meg & Annie].

(10) Attack on Titan Sharing Event
※ Event Time: 2023 October 26, 5:00 AM to 2023 November 9, 4:59 AM (ET)
※ Successfully share this event on social media to earn rewards.
※ Upon reaching enough server-wide shares, receive Attack on Titan exclusive Portrait [Scout Regiment: Jake Park], and other rewards, when the event ends.

(11) Attack on Titan Exclusive Packs
※ Event Time: 2023 October 26, 5:00 AM to 2023 November 9, 4:59 AM (ET)
The pack includes: 
Attack on Titan Emote Pack
Cost: 299 Auric Cells
Contents: the first ever animated chat emotes (Attack on Titan exclusive)
Armored Titan Bundle
Cost: 4410 Auric Cells
Contents: The Oni's [Armored Titan], Dwight's [Eren's Uniform], Meg's [Annie's Uniform], Jake's [Levi's Uniform], and Yui Kimura's [Mikasa's Uniform].
War Hammer Titan Bundle
Cost: 4410 Auric Cells
Contents: The Spirit's [War Hammer Titan], Ace's [Kenny's Uniform], Kate's [Historia's Uniform], Zarina's [Hange's Uniform], and Felix's [Armin's Uniform].
Titan Lucky One Pack
Cost: 3000 Auric Cells
Contents: Sinister Stone x30 (1 purchase only)
Regiment Victory Pack
Cost: 79 Auric Cells
Contents: Midnight Mystery Box x5, White Ward x5, Anti-Hemorrhagic Syringe x5, and Brand New Part x5.
Soldier Victory Pack
Cost: 49 Auric Cells
Contents: Midnight Mystery Box x5, Black Ward x5, and Ebony Memento Mori x5.

(12) Titan Limited-time Bonus
※ Event Time: 2023 October 26, 5:00 AM to 2023 November 9, 4:59 AM (ET)
※ Buy to immediately get Attack on Titan exclusive Portrait Frame [Moment of Rest].
※ Claim 1320 Auric Cells per day when you log into the game.

2. Special Store Bundle Updates
※ Several discount bundles are now available in the store, including Outfit packs for Jane Romero and Claudette Morel, as well as Sinister Stone Packs. Go check them out!
※ Event Time: 2023 October 26, 3:00 AM to 2023 November 9, 2:59 AM (ET)

3. Weekend Bloodhunt Event
※ Event Time: October 27, 3:00 AM - October 30, 2:59 AM (ET); November 3, 3:00 AM - November 6, 2:59 AM (ET)
※ During the event, take part in Trials with the specified Characters to earn double Character Experience and Bloodpoints.
※ Specified Characters for this round: Jake Park, The Trapper, Yui Kimura, and The Huntress.

4. The Entity's Treasure Updates
※ These Silver Outfits have been added to The Entity's Treasure: The Doctor's [Crazy Doctor] and Jake Park's [K-Pop Style].
5. The following Outfits can now be purchased in the shop. Come check them out.
Dwight Fairfield's [Sunburnt Snooze]
Nea Karlsson's [Undaunted Teenager]
The Wraith's [Night Whistler]
Nea Karlsson's [Rebel Night]
Jake Park's [Nonconformist]
Yui Kimura's [Miss Speedway]
Claudette Morel's [Freestyle Claudette]
The Trapper's [Marrow Miner]
The Oni's [Fire Moon Warrior]
Jane Romero's [Lead Actress]
Felix Richter's [Yacht Couture]
The Blight's [Sophisticated Slaughter]
The Wraith's [Mangled Wrecker]
The Huntress' [Spoils of War]
The Legion's [Bush Party (Julie)]
Kate Denson's [Flower in the Dark]
The Doctor's [Test Subject 1]
Meg Thomas's [Fortune Teller]
The Trapper's [Seaside Psycho]
The Plague's [Priestess of the Damned]
The Wraith's [Wetland Wrecker]
Claudette Morel's [Belle of the Ball]
The Hillbilly's [Sunday Slaughter]
Meg Thomas's [Jewel of the Party]
The Oni's [Demon's End]
Nea Karlsson's [System Smasher]

Issues Fixed
※Fixed the occasional issue where the bubble tip does not appear when a generator is fully repaired.
※Fixed the issue where the short cooldown does not apply after The Hillbilly or The Cannibal destroys a wall with a Chainsaw.
※Fixed Character display issues in the Main UI for a number of iOS devices.
※Fixed the facial model display issue when Jake Park performs a [No] action.
※Fixed the facial expression display issue when performing certain Emotes as Yun-Jin Lee.
※Fixed the right hand model display issue for The Ghost Face's Outfit [Demonic Robe].
※Fixed the beard display issue for Ace's Bloody Clothes head piece.
※Fixed an issue in which The Deathslinger's shot may not register if it hits a Survivor who is vaulting through a window.
※Fixed an issue with [Adrenaline] where powering the exit gates immediately heals Survivors knocked down to the ground to a Healthy State.
※Fixed the issue where hooks at certain locations of the Treatment Theatre will block the Killer's way when a Survivor is hooked on it.
※Fixed the hair color display issue of The Spirit's Platinum Outfit [Midnight Spirit].
※Fixed the issue where the perk [Decisive Strike] might not be disabled after failing the skill check.
※Fixed the issue where some Outfits may not be saved properly after changing Character appearances in the personal display UI.
※Fixed a display issue with The Trickster's “carrying a Survivor” animation that occurs when they’re viewed by other Survivors.
※Fixed the issue of the Killer's standing position in the Platinum Outfit upgrade UI.
※Fixed the invisible wall issues caused by the indoor cows in the Rancid Abattoir Map not being properly displayed in medium and low graphics settings.
※Fixed the texture display issue for The Twins' Platinum Outfit and Silver Outfit [Mushroom Forager].
※Fixed the display issue of hand actions for male Survivors carrying items at the Main UI.
※Fixed the issue where screen rotation may slightly shift custom control schemes.
※Fixed the issue where Survivors affected by Madness may exhibit abnormal actions when dying due to bleeding out.
※Fixed the occasional issue where Survivors may exhibit abnormal actions when falling to the ground.
※Fixed the occasional issue where the red dot tip persists even after pressing the Friend button.
※Fixed the occasional issue where Meg's Perk [Quick & Quiet] might not enter cooldown when vaulting through windows.
※Fixed the issue where The Trapper's Bear Trap is completely hidden by the cushion in the Map [Family Residence].
※Fixed the issue where The Nurse might fly out of the map when using Blink in Rotten Fields.
※Fixed a number of Japanese text display issues in the game UI.
※Fixed the occasional issue where the Killer is stuck in the Carrying state and unable to perform other interactions.
※Fixed the issue of missing animation when Survivors use the Flashbang.
※Fixed the red dot display issue when acquiring a General Outfit.
※Fixed display issues of the blocklist UI when performing certain actions.
※Fixed the Rank icon display issue in the Trial records UI.
※Fixed the occasional issue where red dot tips at the event UI fail to disappear.
※Fixed the Map selection screen in custom lobbies to remove all Map issues when selecting indoor and outdoor Maps.
※ Fixed the issue where animal carcasses hanging from the trees in the [Rotten Fields] might not appear.
※Fixed the issue where Nea's Platinum Outfit [Beach Vacation] showed darker tattoos on certain devices.
※Fixed the issue where the Perk [Red Herring] cannot be cast again after completely repairing the first generator.
※Fixed the issue where players can climb on stones that were not meant to be climbed on in the [Family Residence] Map.
※Fixed the issue where dying Survivors can still climb onto a number of scene objects in Autohaven Wreckers.
※Fixed the occasional issue where Character model textures may suddenly turn blurry in the Main UI.
※Fixed the issue where the starting animations of other Platinum Outfits might start playing when a player is wearing a Platinum Outfit with no starting animation.
※Fixed the issue where the dynamic island of iPhone 15 devices may block the game UI.
※Fixed the issue where Broken Keys can be used to open the Hatch.
※Fixed the occasional issue where the exit gates of the Coal Tower Map cannot be opened.
※Fixed the issue of abnormal regression for the Perk [Call of Brine].
※Fixed the occasional issue where a player is listed as executed in the tally UI despite having successfully escaped.