Dead by Daylight Mobile is Now Open for Pre-registration!

Dead by Daylight Mobile is Now Open for Pre-registration!
DEAD BY DAYLIGHT, the world-famous 4vs1 asymmetrical survival horror game, is coming to mobile for free! Join the fog, pre-register now!
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September Dev Q&A


Hello, People of The Fog:


First of all, we want to thank you for all the questions that you addressed in the previous Dev Q&A social posts. In this developer update, we'll be addressing some of those questions, so sit tight and check out what we have to share with you!"


Q1 The current matchmaking time for Killers is quite long, even up to 5 minutes. Does the Dev team have any plans to improve this situation?

A1 We have observed that the amount of Killer players outnumbers the amount of Survivor players in the matchmaking queue, which makes the Killer role more statistically popular and queue time longer. To improve the current queue time, we need to carefully approach it with consideration of Survivor queue time and rank differences as well. We are still continuously looking into potential solutions and will keep you updated.


Q2 High-ranked Survivors often encounter situations where they successfully escape but still have their ranking points deducted. Are there any plans to adjust the scoring rules?

A2 Similar to the previous question, we have noticed a discrepancy in the distribution ratio between high-ranking Survivors and Killers. It may be more challenging for equally skilled players to rank up as Survivors. We have noticed the concern and will gradually adjust and improve the scoring system.


Q3 Regarding the issue with bots, what kind of optimization adjustments does the development team plan to make?

A3 We admit that when Bots are present, their behavior can sometimes be frustrating for players. We are actively working on optimizing this issue and plan to address it in the 10.26 update. Thanks for your patience and support.


Q4 Will the previous popular licensed chapters such as "Silent Hill" from past collaborations return in Dead by Daylight Mobile?

A4 We are currently working on both past and future license collaborations, and some positive progress has been made in certain aspects. We don't have much to share at the moment but please look forward to further updates and announcements on license chapters.


Q5 Are there any new modes or holiday-themed gameplay being developed at the moment?

Q5 We are currently developing new gameplay modes and are preparing to introduce two different modes. One mode will be tailored to major holiday themes, offering gameplay that aligns with the festive atmosphere. The other mode will be a permanent addition to the game, providing an ongoing gameplay experience.


Q6 Is there a plan to update maps at the moment? Some of the maps are still in their old versions, will they be updated to match the changes made on DbD PC/Console version in the future?

A6 Yes, there is a plan to update Maps. The next map that we will update is Lampkin Lane. Additionally, regarding Map optimization, we will be referencing to DbD PC/Console version and gradually incorporating those changes into our schedule.


Q7 Currently DbDMobile SEA Version is quite ahead of the Global version in terms of content. What are the plans for future Global Version updates?

A7 The current Global version is indeed behind the SEA version by a significant margin in regards to content. However, we do have plans to catch up with the SEA version and accelerate the update pace in the future. Many system features, interaction optimizations, and balance adjustments will be gradually unified this year. However, the process of aligning Characters, Maps, and Rift Seasons will still take some time.


Q8 Could you share with us the update plan regarding Maps?

A8 Before the end of 2023, we plan on releasing Dead Dawg Saloon, Ormond, and Eyrie of Crows. Besides the new Maps, we are also going to update Lampkin Lane, matching with the latest updates on DbD PC/Console version.


Q9 Will voice chat features be considered to be added in Dead by Daylight Mobile?

A9 The feature of real-time in-game voice chat has been scheduled and is in our roadmap. In the near future, we may introduce this feature for testing and observation purposes.


Q10 Is there a significant update in the roadmap for the next few months?

A10 "We would like to announce that a huge update has been prepared for this upcoming Halloween. Not only have we prepared new content, Maps, and a new Chapter, an exciting collaboration will also take place.


Stay tuned to our socials, some big news will be announced very soon."


Until next time...

The Dead by Daylight Mobile Team