Dead by Daylight Mobile is Now Open for Pre-registration!

Dead by Daylight Mobile is Now Open for Pre-registration!
DEAD BY DAYLIGHT, the world-famous 4vs1 asymmetrical survival horror game, is coming to mobile for free! Join the fog, pre-register now!
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Patch Notes

People of The Fog:
Dead by Daylight Mobile servers will be down for maintenance starting at 2023 May 11, 3:00 AM (ET). This is expected to last about 2 hours. Users of older versions will not be able to log into the game after the update and must download the latest version from the App Store/Google Play. New content will be available after this update. Everyone is invited, and we hope to see you in The Fog.

Server-down maintenance compensation: Sinister Stones x3, Bloodpoints x50000

New features: 
Added the new [Joystick to switch on and control the Flashlight direction] control scheme for the Survivor's Flashlight. You can switch to this scheme by going to [Settings] - [Control] - [Flashlight].

The Rift - Season 2
※ Season Period: May 11, 3:00 PM to July 6, 2:59 AM (ET)
※ Complete Rift tasks during the event to earn Rift Fragments and progress through The Rift.
※ Get tons of awesome rewards as you progress through The Rift
※ Purchase the Rift Pass to unlock exclusive rewards such as Meg's gold Outfit - Jewel of the Party.


Balance adjustments:

Killing requirements for the Killer offerings [Ebony Memento Mori] and [Ivory Memento Mori] have been changed from: Survivors who have been hooked 1 time to Survivors who have reached the second Hook State.


1. Increased the displayed brightness of the Flashlight.
2. Widened the vertical illumination range of the Survivor's Flashlight.
3. Dark areas in the Coal Tower Map have been made slightly brighter.


Data Migration: 
Data migration completed. The data migration window has been closed.


1. The Entity's Treasure - Scarecrow & Gamer Girl
※ Event Period: 2023 May 11, 3:00 AM - 2023 May 25, 2:59 AM (ET)
※ During the event, players can test their chance to unlock new exclusive Outfits from The Entity's Treasure: The Clown's [Scarecrow] and Feng Min's [Gamer Girl].


2. The Entity's Treasure - Pioneer Collection Update
Nea Karlsson's [Little Red Riding Hood] and The Huntress' [Timber Wolf] Outfits have been added to The Entity's Treasure - Pioneer Collection.


3. Weekend Bloodhunt Event
※ Event Time: May 12, 3:00 AM - May 15, 2:59 AM (ET); May 19, 3:00 AM - May 22, 2:59 AM (ET)
※ During the event, complete Trials with the selected Characters to earn double Bloodpoints.
※ Specified Characters for this round: Feng Min, The Nightmare, Jake Park, The Trapper


4. Bonus from The Fog
※ During the event period, purchase limited-time bonuses and claim rewards according to the number of days logged in.
※ Event Period: 2023 May 11, 3:00 AM to 2023 May 25, 2:59 AM (ET)


5. Special Bundle Updates
※ Several discount bundles are now available in the store, including Outfit packs for Jake Park and The Trapper, and Sinister Stones Packs. Go check them out!
※ Available from 2023 May 11, 3:00 AM - 2023 May 25, 2:59 AM (ET)


6. Weekend Ritual
※ Complete 1 Ranked or Quick match on each day of the 3-day event (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) to select 1 reward each day.
※ Log into the game on Monday to claim your selected reward.


7.Nights of Terror
※ Nights of Terror seasonal matches are on! Go to the season info page to check out the season rules and schedule.
※ To view the Nights of Terror rules, head to the Main UI and press the seasonal info button (on the right of the [FRIENDS] button)

Issues Fixed:
Fixed the occasional issue where matchmaking is automatically canceled during the Quick Match progress.
Fixed the issue where players must first wait for the purchase animation to finish playing before they can refresh the Bloodmarket.
Fixed the issue of missing shades for Meg's [Cat Fostering] Outfit.
Fixed the wrong model issue for The Plague's weapons [Infinity Censer] and [Undying Censer].
Fixed the issues affecting a number of tutorial steps.
Fixed the issue of overlapping buttons that may occur in certain devices.
Fixed a number of textual errors