Dead by Daylight Mobile is Now Open for Pre-registration!

Dead by Daylight Mobile is Now Open for Pre-registration!
DEAD BY DAYLIGHT, the world-famous 4vs1 asymmetrical survival horror game, is coming to mobile for free! Join the fog, pre-register now!
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Facebook Account Migration Instruction Update Notice


Note: Please read the following instructions carefully and ensure you send your email using the correct format. If the information you provide is incorrect/incomplete, we will be unable to process your request. 


You must contact us via email and provide the following information in said email: 

1. Your Facebook user ID to the BHVR DBDM app

To view your user ID:

a.Click your profile picture in the top right of Facebook.

b.Select Settings and privacy, then click Settings.

c.Click Apps and websites in the left menu.

d.Click View and edit next to the Dead By Daylight app(The app is expired).

e. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Your user ID can be found and copied from this section.

2. Read and agree to the information verification clause:

Copy the following text into an email and send it to ( to confirm that you agree to let us help you verify your information and migrate your account data: 

“I have an existing account with Dead by Daylight Mobile of Behaviour Interactive Inc. (“BHVR DbDM”). I agree to transfer my existing BHVR DbDM account data (including applicable personal data and in-game information) from Behaviour Interactive Inc. (“BHVR”) to NetEase Interactive Entertainment Pte. Ltd. (“NetEase”) and the new version of the game operated by NetEase (“NE DbDM”). In order to ensure a successful transfer of my existing BHVR DbDM account data, I agree for NetEase to share my Facebook User ID with BHVR to verify and confirm my account information.”


Please send your email to: