Dead by Daylight Mobile is Now Open for Pre-registration!

Dead by Daylight Mobile is Now Open for Pre-registration!
DEAD BY DAYLIGHT, the world-famous 4vs1 asymmetrical survival horror game, is coming to mobile for free! Join the fog, pre-register now!
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Sadako Rising Collaboration launches on March 15th!


From the depths, a dark presence stirs. Spread the Curse to Dead by Daylight Mobile, with a new Chapter inspired by Kōji Suzuki's novel Ringu and the original film adaptation. Sadako Rising features a new Killer – The Onryō – and a new Survivor, Yoichi Asakawa.​

The Onryō

As a ruthless Killer, Sadako can move stealthily and instantly approach the locations of Survivors. Additionally, she can teleport through locations where TVs are set up on the map, allowing her to maneuver like the vengeful ghost she is.

A powerful and lethal onryō, Sadako Yamamura was once the daughter of a famed seer from Izu-Oshima, Japan. When a journalist called her mother a fraud, Sadako's powers surged, and the journalist collapsed on the floor, struck dead.

Then everything went wrong.

Her mother passed away and shortly after Sadako was lured to an old, crumbling well. As she leaned over the rim, a long shadow fell over her. She felt two hands pushing her over the rim. Pain exploded in her skull as she hit the cold ground. A grinding noise came from above and the well darkened, all light obscured like a midday eclipse.

She dug her nails into the muddy ground and slowly crawled toward the cobbled wall. Each time she clawed up a few inches, her nails slid against the wet wall and she slipped down. Her fingers gushed with blood as the coarse cobblestone tore off her nails and lacerated the flesh underneath. And yet she tried, again and again.

Decades later, the meadow became a resort, and a log cabin was built above the well. When a visitor rented the cabin, Sadako found an opportunity for revenge. She summoned all her nensha power and projected a terrible curse on a videotape that killed its viewer after seven days. Her wrath was like the tides of a stormy sea, violent and unforgiving.

Yoichi Asakawa

Yoichi uses his knowledge and abilities to protect himself and others. His unique perks, such as being able to support injured allies, stun killers, and increase Survivors' movement speed, making it easier for him to escape from Killers.

As a child, Yoichi gained an interest in the supernatural from his father and mother when an inexplicable curse claimed both their lives. As an adult, Yoichi graduated with top honours in marine biology at a university in Tokyo, and, following in his father's footsteps, became the youngest professor in the school´s history.

His career began to unravel when two of his students disappeared doing research in Izu Oshima. Hidden memories bubbled up from the murky, black depths of his subconscious. Blurred faces on images, twisted mouths, inexplicable deaths suddenly filled his mind. Sadako rose from the abyss to let him know the curse would never be over.

Thirsting for truth, he came across a story that mirrored the disappearances of his students: four vloggers had vanished near a lighthouse in Scotland. There was said to be some kind of darkness calling from the sea like an ancient siren. As Yoichi examined the research, his father suddenly appeared to let him know he was on the right path.

Yoichi chartered a fishing boat and headed toward a small cluster of islands. Darkness fell as they approached. The ocean began to stir violently, tossing the ship high and low. A giant wave lifted the boat and dashed it to pieces against jagged rocks. Yoichi didn't remember much after that. He remembered staggering through thick black fog as he climbed the lighthouse stairs. He remembered the water level rising with every step until the frothing mouth of the ocean swallowed him whole.

Sadako's limited-time events

Numerous limited-time events within the game have been prepared, and by completing tasks, you can earn rewards such as [Portrait] The Onryō, Portrait Frame: The Onryō, Sadako Crossover Torso, and in-game items. By inviting your friends to Dead by Daylight Mobile during the collaborative event, you can receive a limited Sadako Crossover Torso.

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